Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blog Link-Doctrine of Election

A friend of mine has posted some excellent thoughts on the doctrine of election on his blog. I've always found his blog to be edifying and highly recommend going over there and checking it out.

Hammer and Nail: I Wouldn't Have Chosen God#links


Roshan said...

Great blog! I'm deeply encouraged. Keep it up!

Joe Blackmon said...


I give glory to God that my blog encouraged you. Thank you for the comment.

Eric said...


Thank you for the link.

That post was a little less bible-based and a little more experiential than most I would do, but I just can't get past being amazed at God's election. I know for a fact that I did not select God out of any sort of free will.

Thanks again, Eric

Joe Blackmon said...


I was glad to provide the link. I thought it was very practical and a good description of the doctrine of election. Your blog is a great encouragement to me.

Abel Ramirez said...

Please read this article on the doctrine of election:
God Bless!