Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Todd(ler) Bentley aka Todd Bentley's Mini-me

When I was pastoring a church part time, my daughter would ocassionally make it up on stage. We didn't freak out about it because she really wasn't hurting anybody. Everybody knew she was just playing and at that point she didn't really "talk" it was more just baby talk. However, the church in the video below seem to honestly think this child is bringing a "word from the Lord". I'll bet you a wooden nickel this kid shows up on TBN with the lady with that big pink hair. I'm sure the Charismaniacs will call him a child prodigy.


Nathan W. Bingham said...

I thought he was speaking in tongues? ;)

In all seriousness, I did know a couple that really believed their 18 month old spoke in tongues. I'd call it baby talk and speech development, but they called it the Holy Spirit. Frightening, and blasphemous if you ask me.

Joe Blackmon said...


I thought that sort of thing only happened in my neck of the woods where we say "y'all" and "fixin' to". Haa haa Didn't expect folks to be behaving like that in your hemisphere. I agree with your assessment. It's sad to imagine people so blind that they can't see that for what it is.

Nathan W. Bingham said...


Unfortunately false teaching crosses hemispheres!!

Joe Blackmon said...

Brian McLauren/Joel Osteen---twins separated at birth? Cut from the same heretical mold at the very least.

Thanks for your comments.