Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Melissa Etherridge and Rick Warren: Buddies??

I totally understand that there is a time, place, and manner to share the gospel with folks and talk to them about sin. I knew a guy that was a manager at a fast food restaurant that chased one of his employees around with a bible in his hand during a Friday night supper rush trying to witness to her. That is just a wee bit over the top, methinks.

However, in an article written by Melissa Etherridge, she describes meeting Rick Warren. There is no mention anywhere in that article of him calling her to repentance in a loving manner. In fact, she said he told her he was a fan and had several of her albums. How does that work? She lives an openly perverted lifestyle and you would find anything she has to sing entertaining? Why don't you just go ahead and have Ray Boltz come perform at your "church". Now, I'm not saying he should have went all Fred Phelps on her and pronounce that "God hates you" or call her names. Telling her something like "Melissa, the bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin. I'm going to pray that God will convict you of that sin and that you will repent. If you ever want to talk to someone about this I want you to feel free to contact me, anytime." would have been appropriate. However, to have the opportunity to speak to her because she made overtures to contact you "in a spirit of unity" and not care enough about her to share what the bible says is outlandish.

Of course, dude has homosexual members in his church according to him so why would he confront sin when he encounters it.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you. If he had said what you suggested she would have been completely offended. Instead he opened a door to communication. He extended friendship to someone most Christians will judge and shun. If she can see him as non-threatening and non-judgmental he may very well be able to lovingly condemn her lifestyle after that trust is built up.

God isn't too happy with sexual sins of any kind -- pornography, homosexuality, molestation, rape, lust, and so on. He doesn't weigh one as worse than another. They are all bad to Him.

Sometimes in order to evangelize you must start with a relationship. Most of the time that relationship won't stand a chance if you come across as judgmental, self-righteous, and condemning.

Show love. To all. He died for her just as much as He died for you and me. Plant a seed. Watch it grow.

Heidi Reed

Joe Blackmon said...


I would agree with you in general. If I met a person who was gay tomorrow and had an opportunity to talk to them I would not necessarily bring up what the bible says about it initially. I think making the point of saying that I'm a Christian would be in order. At that point, they would probably know where I stood. I could show them the same kindness and respect I'd show anyone. Perhaps over the course of a developing friendship I would have chances to share the gospel with them. I agree that sin, like all sins, is an affront to God. I also agree that some Christians are not only cool toward homosexuals but are downright unkind.

However, in this specific instance, she was extending an olive branch on behalf of the gay community in the hopes of affecting Rick Warren's opinion of gay people. She seemed to want to help him see that "We're not all bad. You just don't know us". Because of that, he should have shared that his stance was not a matter of opinion but rather it was a conviction based on the clear teaching of God's word.

I was not clear that I felt like his reaction was inappropriate because of the specific circumstance. I didn't mean that's how you should start off any relationship with a homosexual.

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Well remember too that this is her side of the story. I loved the part where she suggested getting involved in his church's ministries. Would it happen? Maybe not. But it made her think. Anyway, thanks for the post. I enjoyed the article.


Joe Blackmon said...

You're welcome.

I do have to admit that my assumption that he did not mention that it was not his opinion that gay marriage is immoral but rather that the bible says homosexuality is a sin is based on a fairly poor opinion I have of him based on things of his I've read and stuff I've heard him say. So, in all fairness, he may have said just what I suggested.