Tuesday, March 17, 2009

McArthur Begins Preaching Mark.

Fred over at Hip and Thigh writes:

This past Sunday, March 15th, 2009, John MacArthur preached the first sermon from the last book he will go through verse-by-verse. He started the Gospel of Mark, preaching an introductory message from Mark 1:1. It was a biographical sketch of Mark with the working title something like, Mark: A portrait of a restored deserter. He plans to be in the book, the good Lord willing, for the next 2 years. I predict at least 3.

I'm thinking it's gonna be a little longer than 3. Of course, I have nothing to base that on, but I don't see him getting finished that quick.

There are some things he's said that I roll my eyes over ("All self respecting Calvinists are Pre-mils", his rants on music) but the fact is this--the man will leave as his legacy the most complete resource for understanding the New Testament of anyone who ever lived except for the authors of the New Testament. I praise God for him and the impact that God has had on my life through him.

However, dude needs to hurry up. He needs to get started on the Old Testament.


sparkzspot said...

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Joe Blackmon said...



"Joe"..Though I disagree with you about the FBCJAX Watchdog I do agree with you about MacAuthur Jr...He has had the most profound effect on my life of any theologian;;Also Dave Hunt is right behind MacAuthur as a co-favorite of mine!!!

Joe Blackmon said...


I've particularly been blessed by his study bible. I've got a few commentaries but not the whole set. I have to work for a living.

it is written said...

"Joe" I am bless to have the entire commentary set..I too work for a living,so what I did was one year take some of my income tax return and by the entire set at once!!!..I have practically every book that Dr.MacAuthur has ever written and I had the pleasure of attending two Shepherds conference...Those conferences if you've never been to one is the best run conference I have every attended!!!

Joe Blackmon said...

I've never been but would like to go. I'd like to get the set one day. Perhaps I can talk my wife into that one day.

Anonymous said...

It will probably take him a little less than 16 yrs to preach through Mark. Let's say, the Gospel has 16 chapters. If he devotes 1 year pear chapter, he'll do well.


Well, honestly MacArthur will probably spend 5 to 6 years in Mark's Gospel. He's one of my fav. preachers.

Joe Blackmon said...

Your comment reminds me of a Puritan preacher that I heard about one time. He was called to a church and on his first Sunday he began to exposit the book of Isaiah. He stayed at the church 30 years. He died 30 years later and he had just finished Isaiah chapter 8. Haa.