Friday, August 6, 2010

30,000 hits? Seriously?

Along about 15 minutes ago, someone from LaGrange, Georgia (used to live near LaGrange--played in a community band there) who was searching for "Matthew 6" on Google became the 30,000th hit on my blog.  How in the world did I get to 30,000 hits?  I am amazed that anyone would want to read anything I've written, much less 30,000 people.  Now, I know as far as blog stats there are people with a lot more but I am in awe that God has given me an opportunity to speak to that many people.  Anyone who has read anything on this blog and gotten anything out of it should give glory to God because it's not because of me, but rather in spite of me.

Prase God for allowing me to be involved in His work in some limited fashion.


selahV said...

Joe, good for you. I haven't checked my hit-parade in a while. May God bless all those who come your way. selahV
by the enjoying that book you sent me. Yours are still sitting on my desk. I am the great procrastinator.

Joe Blackmon said...

I am glad you're enjoying it. It sure blessed me and made me realize that with all the complaining I do that I really have right to complain.

Have a good Lord's day.