Monday, April 25, 2011

Psalm 2:4-6 The Lords Response to Rebellion

I normally am very easy to get along with at work. In fact, on more than one evaluation, that I get along very well with the auditee and am able to ask them questions that might be hard or direct without becoming abrasive. There’s a simple reason why I am able to do this—I know my position. I know that the people that we audit are legally required to answer our questions and provide us with the information we request. One time, however, I had to become a bit, how you say, forceful with someone. I asked for some information. She told me “No one has ever asked for that before. WHY do you want to know?” I responded casually “That’s a great question. Thank you for asking.” She said “You didn’t answer my question.” I told her “I don’t intend to.” She asked who my supervisor was. I am sure in her mind she thought “I don’t know who this dude thinks he is, but I’m going to get him in a real pickle.” I laughed at her and told her the woman’s name and asked “You want her phone number?” I know that, in the end, the folks in the office had my back. I was in the position of authority and she had to do what she was told. As we read this scripture, we see God, who is the highest authority, having a similar reaction to the rebellion we read about in Psalm 2:1-3.

When we left this scripture the last time, the kings of the earth were conspiring together in a plot to rebel against God. They planned to “tear their fetters” and “cast away their cords”. They had had enough, dagnabit, and they wanted to be free of His authority. We read in verse 4 God’s reaction to their sinful plans. He has a good ol’ belly laugh. They are the butt of His jokes. I can see him turning to Michael the archangel “You know what these creatures think they’re going to do? Snicker…they’re planning on rebelling.” Michael tries to hold back a guffaw because, after all, he realizes the doom of anyone who rebels against the sovereign Lord of the Universe—remember Satan? He can’t help himself though. The joke is just too good. If you close your eyes, you can hear the booming, thunderous laughter resounding through the throne room in heaven.

Those who rebel against God have sealed their fate. The Bible is replete with warnings of God’s wrath (II Peter 3:7, Revelation 19:11-15). As we read in verse 5 of this Psalm, God will “speak to them in His anger”. His wrath may be restrained for the moment, but ultimately, those who reject the gospel and live in sinful rebellion against God will feel His “fury” in judgments.

You see, they may believe that they can pull themselves out from under the authority of God—that they can live as they want without His burdensome word ruining their fun. But what they don’t know is that the real punchline has already been written. The story is already over—God wins and they don’t even realize it. You see, while they were planning their rebellion, they didn’t realize and mankind has constantly tried to ignore one simple truth. God tells us in verse 6 “I have installed my King”. It is done and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, you can do about it. God has already declared victory because it has already happened. God has anointed Christ as the One to whom every knee will bow. The forthcoming judgment and punishment with the wicked is perfunctory really. The end for them is closer than they realized and their fiery, eternal punishment is right at the door.

With this in mind, how have you responded to the gospel? Have you repented and trusted Christ alone to save you based on His substitutionary death on the cross? If you haven’t, why not take this verse today as a cautionary tale that God’s judgment is real and it’s coming, but you can avoid it through faith in Christ.


St. Lee said...

Joe, I have been out of town for the last week, and just today got a chance to catch up on your posts from that time period. Every one of them was excellent! Just one thing though ... your auditor stories are beginning to scare me.

Joe Blackmon said...

Thank you very much, Lee. As to my auditor stories, well, I don't mean to scare people but my ringtone on my cell phone is the Darth Vader Theme. Haa haa