Friday, August 9, 2013

Habakkuk 2:19-20 The Foolishness of Idolatry Part III

Some time back, in a town we lived in, one of the churches had a new contemporary worship service they titles "Networking with Christ".  I still giggle about that.  I can just see some of the people going into the worship center "Oh, yeah, I'm here to see if Christ has some good stock tips.  Maybe he knows of a good opening at a bigger company He might could give me the inside track on.  And, of course, if I've got any good tips for Him, well, I'll share those too."


The fact is, that if we really had the kind of view of God that, say, Job had, we would live, act, and talk much differently than we do today.  If we truly understood Him to be all-knowing, all-loving, holy, sovereign, and powerful, you know, like He is, we would live our lives in awe and worship.  We don't obey like we should and love Him like we should because, I submit to you, we don't see Him as being Who He is--the Lord God Almighty.

The Babylonians had much the same problem.  They worshipped idols, As we noticed in Habakkuk 2:18, it is foolishness for anyone to worship something they carved, gilded, and set on an altar.  In verse 19, God continues to point out how silly idol worship is.  First of all, notice, it's foolish to talk to something that "has no breath in it" and call for it to act as though it were alive.  It can't teach.  For that matter, it can't do anything at all.

Not only is it not alive, but this dead, inanimate object, is "overlaid with gold and silver". Sure, it's shiny and looks pretty on a coffee table, but if it was a living being, it would smother.  So, since this thing, that they created by the way, is not only dead but doubly dead what kind of kook would you have to be to turn to it for answers?  It just doesn't make any sense.

Of course, we do the same thing.  Don't shake your head judgmentally at these godless Babylonians because when you love your recreation and your job or your family more than you do God  and the ministry He's called you to, you can dress it up as pretty as you please, but you, my friend, are committing idolatry.

However, we read our antidote to all this godlessness that God has pronounced woes over beginning in verse 4 of this chapter.  What we need is to recalibrate our perspective by maintaining a clear view of God and His glory.  We remember that "the Lord in His holy temple" is high, exalted, and unimaginably holy.  When we contemplate the glory of God and His many attributes, we, like Job, find ourselves with our hands over our mouths, "silent" in awe of Who He is, where He is and what He's done.

Praise God for revealing this truth to us through His word.

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