Monday, July 28, 2008

What does love look like?

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!

I have really missed blogging. I am so happy to finally be able to resume this ministry. I'll have a new post up in a few days on Matthew. I'm also working on 2 Peter. Finally, I had the chance a few months ago to preach at my home church. I've got the audio of that sermon that I'm going to post in a series over the next few weeks.

However, the reason I am writing today is to give glory to God for our new home. We moved about 30 minutes closer to my work and to church. We are now three minutes from our church which is a real blessing. This would not have been possible without the providence of our Lord and the help of some of my brothers in Christ. We were literally down to the wire on closing on this house and had to be out of the rental home by July 20th. I was in a panic on how I was going to get everything moved. I was having to work, go to VBS (which went well, by the way), and then get ready for the move.

However, I had three friends come and help me move the stuff out of the house. Doug (who could probably wrestle professionally), Karl (who had the most experience playing Tetris of any of us so he knew how to fit the stuff in the truck) and Kevin (who generously offered to allow me to use his truck/trailer AND his U-Haul type truck). They were such a huge help. Then, when we got to the new home, another set of brothers showed up to help--Jim and his four sons, Kevin, Caleb, and Garrett. I almost didn't have to do anything but tell them what room to put stuff in. It was wonderful to have the stuff moved in so quick so we could get settled in for the night to prepare for worship the next day.

The title of this post asks the question "What does love look like?" I saw love lived out in the lives of those men that Saturday. They did what they did because they love me but more importantly they did it because they love Christ. They saw a need and did what they could to meet it. I honestly have been moved to the point of tears several times over the past week thinking about their generosity. It's like James said "If you see someone who is hungry or cold and you tell them 'All right, well ya'll be warm and go get you something to eat' but you don't do anything to help them all you've done is beat your gums together". That, by the way, is from the Baldwin County Translation.

Again, it's good to be back. It's good to have DSL FINALLY!!! But most of all, it's good to have a church family you can count on.

in Christ

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