Friday, November 7, 2008

Blog Link-This election brings change.

I read a blog post recently called Obama Promised Change- And It Will Start with Me at a blog In the Light. It was , in my opinion, pretty profound. I decided to reproduce it here. I hope you're as encouraged by it as I am.

As different as the two presidential candidates were, there was a common theme this election season- change. America has chosen Obama's plan for change over McCain's. And as I woke up to a "new day," I realized that having someone moving into the White House whom I disagree with on so many issues should change a few things.And it has. It has changed a few things about me.I admit I was naively optimistic about this election. But my eyes have been opened to the reality of the struggles in this country that affect more people than I realized. The "moral majority" is a myth. I had grown complacent. But I believe in change, and it will start with me.

Change One- I commit to pray for those in authority fervently, humbly, and often.

Change Two- I commit to be more active in my pro-life stance. This means I will find ways to emotionally, spiritually, and financially support women who chose life for their babies. I will continue to support the right to live for every person. I believe that Trig Palin and his mom have set an example for other mothers who hear the news that their babies will not be perfect. And as the sister of someone with Down's Syndrome, who knows the amazing potential and capacity for love they have, I will be a stronger, louder advocate for people with disabilities.

Change Three- I commit to teach my children that our faith is in God, not in government.

Change Four- I commit to teach my children more about the persecuted church and suffering believers around the world. I admit I have become prideful in regard to being an American. I want my children to know that we are connected to our brothers and sisters in every country.

Change Five- I commit to remember who my enemy is. It is not those who hold different beliefs- those who want to teach my children universalism or Darwinian evolution. It is Satan, the Father of lies. He deserves my anger and actions, not those being deceived by him.


Trisha said...

Thanks for sharing this person's blog. I hope it inspires all of us to be better people. I heard a radio personality say that he hopes that those of us who voted for McCain would have more respect for the position of President than the opposition had for the current President. I agree. God tells us to pray for our leaders. Let's do that. Also, the author makes the point that she will help women who are in a position to consider an abortion. I have had a case of the "should"s since I saw my first baby at 8 weeks old. Her heart was beating so beautifully! She was alive! I had been married for almost 8 years at that time. I remember how I felt and thinking "how could any pregnant woman see that and abort?" That's just it, not all of them can or do! I commit to do more, to do better to help someone who really needs it!! God help us all be a better respresentative for Christ. Let's start "change" with ourselves!

Joe Blackmon said...

Wonderful sentiment. Thank you.