Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blog link-What we should realize this morning.

I got the following list from Digging the Word: MY PREDICTIONS ABOUT THE ELECTION. I actually am writing this post on Tuesday. I have a feeling sitting here today (haven't voted yet or seen any election coverage) that the bad guys won. The sad thing is, there are Christians who are happy about that. I believe you and I need to remind ourselves today (perhaps repeatedly) that:

1. God is still on His throne regardless of who was elected (Is 6:1).
2. Regardless of who is president, God will control their decisions (
Pr 21:1: Ezra 6:22).
3. Regardless of who is president, Christians are to pray for them, not prey on them (
1 Tim 2:1-3).
4. Regardless of who was elected, we will get up… go to work… and honor God on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, etc, etc, etc.
5. Regardless of who was elected, it happened in accordance with God’s will (
1 Sam 2:6-8, Is 46:9-10).
6. Regardless of who was elected, it does not change the call God has given Christians to be salt and light in the world (
Mt 5:13-14).
7. Regardless of who was elected, God’s plan to bring about the return of His Son to set up His Kingdom will be that much closer! (
Ro 13:11)
8. Regardless of who was elected, “Do not be anxious for anything (Including a presidential election!), but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God that surpasses all comprehension will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (
Phil 4:6-7)
9. Regardless of who was elected, Christians have no reason to fear or be afraid! (
Rev 2:10)
10. Regardless of who was elected, Christians are to obey the laws of the land (
Ro 13:1-7) unless they conflict with the laws of God, then Christians obey God rather than men (Ac 5:29).

Our hope is not in government, elected officials, laws, or any man made institution. Our hope is in the true and living God who reigns forever and ever. Give Him praise and glory.


Rick Morgan said...

Next time you visit mark yourself as a follower. Thanks for the comments.

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Yeah God...

Boo on the majority of voters...

Joe Blackmon said...


I agree. I'm not all pumped about this presidency either. God'll work it out for the good of those of us who love Him and are called according to His purpoose.