Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Patricia!!!

Today is a very special day in our household. My wonderful, beautiful, sweet, smart wife is having a birthday today. Now, I'm not nearly stupid enough to post her age on here so you'll be in the dark about that but you can all still wish her a happy birthday just the same. We're going to do cake and let her have a day of it. Me, Annie, and Trey love her and think she is the bestestest in the whole wide world.

Happy Birthday, honey!!!!


Patricia said...

Thank you, Sweetheart, love of my life!!!!!!!!! You are so sweet! Oh, and can I just say that was very intelligent of you omitting the mention of my age. Like the older gang says, birthdays beat the alternative! Love you, Honey!

Anonymous said...

Happy 29th Birthday Patricia!! I hope you enjoy some sugary goodness on your special day, girl. Or is that sparkly goodness? Or maybe it's shiny goodness? Well, whatever it is sugary (cake!), sparkly (diamonds!), or shiny (new car!) have a lovely day.

Merry Christmas kids!


Joe Blackmon said...


Thank you. I am baking her a cake today. Coconut. Now about the other, well let's just say we may have a lottery in Tennessee but I haven't hit it. Bwahahaha