Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A True Honor

Today, at 1 pm, I became an award-winning blogger. Heidi, over at Candid Chatter, gave me the "I big-red puffy heart your blog" award.

I am speechless. Honestly, the fact that anybody reads this stuff is pretty astounding. And to think she gave me this award for "breaking it down" is truly humbling. I mean, I'm pretty much just a big time goober. Anything that anyone reads on this blog that is of benefit to them has EVERYTHING to do with God and NOTHING to do with me. I give all praise honor and glory to Him for allowing me the opportunities to teach His word. And I'd like to thank those of you that follow this blog--all 3 of you. Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!


M. Steve Heartsill said...

Congrads on your award...well deserved and long over due!

Joe Blackmon said...

Thanks Steve. Good on you winning one, too. I'm just hoping they don't recount the ballots. haa

candidchatter said...

WooHoooooo!!! Way to go Mister Man!! That Heidi girl sure is generous. Wow. I think I'd like to be her friend. Thanks for the link. How awesome! I'm going to her site right now to become her most dedicated follower. Yeah!!

Joe -- I'm just a goober too. Goobers got it goin' on brutha!

HR :)

Joe Blackmon said...

You know Heidi, the funny thing is when I was a band director one of my students used to call me Mr. Man. That's a little scary. Ha ha ha.

Thanks again, friend.