Monday, February 16, 2009

Article-Can Christians Be Pro-Choice?

The actual title of the article is "Can Evangelicals Be Part of a Pro-Choice Consensus?" You can read the liberal drivel and draw your own conclusions. For my part, I think the below video is the perfect solution for dealing with "christians" who take such unbiblical stances.

I got dibs on the blue one.


Anonymous said...

Where do you believe a fetus goes when it is aborted?

Joe Blackmon said...


I know I'm opening myself up for a snarky reply from you. Anyway, I'll bite. The aborted baby's soul goes to heaven. However, that does not make murdering the child right.

Please sign your name on further comments.

Anonymous said...

No snarky reply. I sometimes feel like Christians lose sight of the bigger picture and forget that ultimately God doesn't need us to fight His battles. He's done fine for centuries without us. I really do think that while abortion is taking a life, and even more than that, very unhealthy emotionally for the mom-to-be having the abortion, that living on this earth is not always God's best for a baby that isn't wanted. Perhaps God is big enough to use that baby's “all to brief” life to bring his mother back to Him? From what I know of the God of the Bible I think he would rather a baby die and go to heaven with Him than the mother go to an eternity of hell. God doesn’t look at our world with the same viewpoint that we have regarding time. It could be a blink of an eye that the mother and child are separated.

I also can’t ignore the fact that part of God’s plan for us humans from the creation of the world (e.g. Adam and Eve) was giving us the freedom to choose. We can choose life or death, good or evil. Ultimately we and those we love or have close contact with will suffer the God given moral consequences of those choices if they are bad regardless of any societal laws being passed to prevent the choice. But the choices are still ours to make.

If you can point me in the direction of some instances where Christians legislation of morality causes Jesus to be seen in us as a group I will gladly take a look. Isn’t that what our participation in this world should be about, pointing people to the Savior they need?

Thanks for the dialogue. (pls forgive the typos I didn’t have time to proof as much as I would have liked J )

Joe Blackmon said...


You signed your name. I can respect that. Further, I agree with many points that you made. Making abortion illegal will not make the process of abortion go away. People had abortions before it was legal and they would have abortions if/when it become illegal. 2nd of all, I would concur that God uses less that happy circumstances to work out His perfect will. God never causes sin but He accomplishes His purposes even through sinful man.

My point is simply that I do not have the capacity to understand how someone can claim I'm a Christian and not call abotion immoral and bote their conscience on that issue. I'm not saying they're not a Christian. I am saying I totally disagree with their view on this issue.

I believe a Christian can take a stand for Biblical morality without trying to legislate morality.

Thank you for the comment. Regarding any typos, shoot, I do all my posts in Word first because it's got SpellCheck. If it wasn't for SpellCheck, I'd look like a total doofus. Haa.

Joe Blackmon said...

By the way, Jennifer, I meant "vote their conscience" not "bote". I'm not sure how anybody would "bote" anyway.

Speaking of typos.