Thursday, May 14, 2009

Theological Rap??? Word up!!!

Ok, I'm not much of a fan of rap music. I mean, growing up in the 80's I kinda liked Young MC's "Bust a move" but it's not a genre I ever really got into. Going into the 90's through today where there were rappers extolling the virtues of killing police officers and calling women names which I won't repeat here I pretty well tuned all of it out. I didn't care to listen to any of it. Then, this week, I happened upon the work of a guy named Shai Linne from Philadelphia. I posted a video of one of his songs the other day.

I have been greatly encouraged by the two songs of his that I've listened to of his. First of all, this young man has more theological substance in his raps than everything Max Lucado, Beth Moore, and Rick Warren have ever written COMBINED. Secondly, while I'm not all that familiar with rap in my opinion he sounds like he's really good at performing it. The comments on the videos of his songs I've seen on Youtube seem to be from people much more knowledgeable about hip-hop than I am and they seem to think he's pretty good. I have been greatly encouraged and I would suggest you check this guy out. He has links to the lyrics of his raps on his blog. Great stuff!!

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