Monday, August 10, 2009

300th Post-Needy Children: WIll You Help?

A friend of mine from elementary school (Silverhill Elementary-Go Bulldogs!!) is adopting a child, Max, from Hati. She is adopting him from a ministry called Lashbrook Family Ministry. Below is a description of who they are and their mission:

We Are a Christian organization that is based on showing the Father’s love to a nation through serving them by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Founded on family values, we cherish relationships: with God and with each-other. We are non-denominational and serve all people, regardless of religion, gender, and social status.

Our Mission
~ To restore the foundation of the family
~ To raise a new generation of fathers by fathering a new generation of sons
~ To care for abandoned children and place them in loving homes in the States
~ To feed and educate the children of the community both physically and spiritually at no cost to them
~ To have a church that brings the kingdom of God to a country that is 80% voodoo.

I encourage you, if you're able to consider prayerfully if God would have you or your church donate to this ministry. I know they have needs that they would appricate your help in meeting.

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