Sunday, August 30, 2009

Russell Moore on the Kennedy Funeral

I highly encourage you to check out the entire article written by Dr. Moore about the funeral of Ted Kennedy. However, these two paragraphs are particularly striking in their content.

This isn’t a Catholic/Protestant divide. I’ve heard many, many Baptist preachers do the same thing at a celebrity funeral. This is true even when the “celebrity” is just the kind of small-pond “celebrity” of the furniture store owner who happens to be the wealthiest man in a tiny hamlet.

It’s not a conservative/liberal divide either. The Religious Right establishment often confuses the kingdom with a set of legislative goals just as surely as does the Left. There are many churches and ministries whose kingdom litanies would sound just like the Kennedy funerals, except on the other side of the legislative docket.

The gospel isn't about polictics. The gospel is about a holy God who has been wronged and offended by our sin. The gospel is about Jesus Christ satisfying the wrath of God so that we can be adopted as His children.

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