Monday, April 26, 2010

Matthew 8-Preliminary Thoughts About Healing

About a year ago, my retina in my right eye detached. Now this would not be a good thing to have happen anyway, but the same thing had already happened in my left eye and it didn't heal right. Since I work as an auditor, going blind was a scary possibility. I praise God that He gave me the faith to trust Him no matter what in that situation and most of all that He allowed my right eye to heal back to practically normal.

However, I remember when I was talking to my youngest brother during the time before the surgery one particular conversation that really got under my skin. He and I had talked about healing and spiritual gifts. He is of the charismatic persuasion and has lectured me that full and complete physical healing is part of every Christians salvation experience if you have faith enough. So, when we were talking about this surgery, he began to tell me basically that if I had enough faith I would be healed and that my healing was dependant on my faith.

I took the opportunity to remind him of the blind man in the Gospel of John that was blind not due to sin but in order for God to be able to display His power. Further, I reminded him that God told Moses He makes the blind and the dumb. God can and does supernaturally heal, but it is not a guarantee that all Christians will be physically well all the time. This is made evident, I reminded him, by one simple observation.

No Christian that has professed that physical healing is guaranteed in the atonement has ever avoided death. At some point, Oral Roberts and those of his ilk have died.

As we examine this chapter, we will see the true purpose of these acts of healing and miracles. I believe we will praise God for them and what they teach us.

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Transplanted Okie said...

I pray that God heals your ugly mean spirit.