Monday, July 12, 2010

Asking Questions--Hearing from God

I am a volunteer writer for the website GotQuestions. People who come to that website can browse a huge data base of already asked and answered questions or they can submit a question which is assigned to a writer to answer. I thought as I had opportunity to answer some of these questions, I would share them in a series of posts under the label "Asking Questions". I pray that you are encouraged.

I should note that the question below is published as it was submitted and the writer of the question does not speak English as their first language.

Q: Hi, I`am a christian. I have a question. I ever heard from reading some philosophy of old philosopher that God will not do business with beleivers in the World. So, If we pray to request anything, God will not give us. Also, When we do sin, God will not punish us before our death. The effect from sin will give us sorrow automatically. I`ve been a chirstian for 7 years but I have not touched God. I ever pray to him when I am in the most discouarge in my life but noting is happened. So, I understand that God will ignore us to decise and recieve its result on our own because we should get the result preperly from what we select to do base on our mind and soul. This world is not belonged to his business except only time Jesus born to show he could revive after death. Is this true ?

A: If I understand you correctly, there are really two overriding issues that you're asking about--Does God still work in the world and how do we hear His voice? As to the first one, I can testify to God's work in my life in circumstances at work, at home, and when I was in school. However, my testimony is not as relevant as Scripture. The book of Job tells us that God was aware of and permitted everything that happened in Job's life. God was in control of the entire situation. Further Romans 8:28 tells us "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (NASB)" God is certainly in control and we can take comfort in that.

Finally, I believe God still speaks to us today. He does so through the Bible. In II Peter 1:16-18, Peter recounts his experiences as a disciple of Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration. Having been an eyewitness to that supernatural event, Peter makes a startling statement in verse 19 when he says "So we have the prophetic word made more sure". The English word "made" is a supplied word. In other words, it was not in the Greek text but was added by the translators to help smooth out the English. What Peter wrote in the Greek was "We have the more sure prophetic word". What I believe he meant by that is this--The Bible is a more sure revelation of God, His purposes, His character, and His will than even Peter's eye witness experience. Allow me to encourage you in the words of Martin Luther--"Let the man who would hear God speak read holy scripture".

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