Monday, July 19, 2010

Men leading the church?? Outlandish says Eggebroten

Albert Mohler reviewed an article by Anne Eggebroten, a femi-nazi writer published by the liberal magazine Sojourners, where she recounts her experience visiting Grace Community Church led by John MacArthur. To her horror, she found the church being led by (gasp) men. The pastors were all male. The teachers all had Y chromosomes. The horror of it all!!!

Now, I have some friends that are eglaitarians (they believe that the idea that men and women are assigned different roles by God is not the correct interpretation of scripture and that men and women are both equally qualified to teach and preach in the church) and on many points they would agree with Eggebroten. However, they would not agree with the following understanding of scripture.

She states that there is "evidence that the ‘pastoral epistles’ (1 and 2 Timothy and Titus) were written in honor of Paul long after he died and reflect a second-century debate over women’s roles in the church–whether to conform to social customs for the sake of winning converts, or to advocate radical social equality (and even celibacy) in the last days before the Second Coming.”

See, my e-gal friends don’t deny the inspiration and authority of scripture. They just interpret it differently. This lady, however, is denying the fact that the scripture is what Christians recognize it to be—the authoritative word of God. In my mind this is an insidious and satanically inspired attack on the faith—questioning the validity of God’s word.

Check out the whole article when you can.

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