Friday, July 20, 2012

Moron....or Oxymoron??

So a wannabe teacher says to you at one point that he doesn’t need to be saved.
Then later he says that you are wrong in your doctrine.
Then later he lies about you to authority.
He accuses you falsely of multiple things.
And at the same time, he expects respect.

Sound like anyone you know? 

The Persian Empire did all these things.  They believed their god was the mightiest because they had conquered Israel.  The jealous leaders told King Darius that Daniel had defied his order and prayed to God.  They lied about Daniel suggesting he was not a faithful servant of the king.  They did all these things because they were jealous of Daniel.  But God was with Daniel so in the end what they thought or said didn’t matter. 

Funny, things haven’t changed in the last 2,200 years.

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