Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Make Counter Accusations

Silly rabbit, just look in I Samuel 15!!

Are these the actions of a serial sociopath?
Well, I think that’s what psychologists would call it. But, they actually describe someone from scripture pretty well.
King Saul, when he was ordered to go slaughter the Amalekites in I Samuel 15, did most of the job.  He was obedient—up to a point.  He was ordered to kill everyone and destroy all their property.  Instead, he killed most of them and kept some of the best of their animals for spoil.
When Samuel confronted him, he lied and said he had been obedient.  When Samuel pressed him,  he denied he kept the spoil for himself but that he intended to offer it on the altar to God.  When Samuel continued to press him, Saul claimed the people pressured him to do it.
Seems to me we could learn a lot by just studying the mistakes that Saul made.

I mean, all that over some sheep?

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