Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here Come the Thought Police!!

Last week, the Senate passed Hate Crimes Legislation which, it is claimed, does not prevent pastors or anyone from preaching that homosexuality is sinful. However, as Barrett Duke, the ERLC's vice president for public policy and research notes, "The amendment protects the pastor as long as his speech or other action was not 'intended' to lead to an act of violence. (Who decides if it was "intended" to lead to violence? A liberal judge I bet.) However, it does not protect a pastor from government scrutiny if a member of his congregation engages in an act of violence against someone in one of these protected groups after he has heard a negative statement from the pastor about the group. So, anyone who speaks against homosexuality or other aberrant sexual behaviors may be presumed guilty of inciting violence and be forced to prove his innocence."

Read the whole article in Baptist Press here.

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