Friday, August 31, 2012

A Command From God Is A Lie From Satan?

Some people just don’t learn very easily.  For some people, it’s not their fault.  For others, they have painted themselves into a corner and aren’t man enough to admit they were wrong.  They have feet of clay.  How ellementary, oops I spelled that wrong, elementary of a reading ability do you have to have to read a single command from God and understand that you are obligated to obey it.

Commenting on my explanation of what Galatians 6:1 teaches, someone called God’s clear command “…you who are spiritual restore…” a lie of Satan.  Silly rabbit!!!  That’s the subject (“you”) and verb (“restore”) of the sentence.  It’s a present imperative. That means it’s a command.  That means you have to do it.  That means to not do it is a sin.

I mean, it would be a command if it was a present imperative that said “When your feelings are hurt because you are embarrassed when someone disagrees with you, you blog about it.  Then, when you are confronted and even more offended, continue to blog about it.  Then, when you are again confronted, imply violence and say ‘I’m going to decide not to take that as a threat’ because you have black belts and know the person won’t confront you physically.  Then, when you are dragged in front of the pastoral staff, lie and claim you were not blogging about the person when they and both pastors say ‘You were blogging about him’ because, of course, when he disagreed with you when you were substituting in the class that was him attacking you.  I mean, he started it.  How dare he question you when he's a newcomer and YOU are the one teaching.”  Now if scripture said that, then going and blogging about being offended rather than acting like a man and saying something to the persons face first would be the right thing to do because it would be a command.  However, in this completely hypothetical scenario**, the Bible doesn’t say that so you’re not commanded to do it.

The Bible, however, does say the following in Galatians 6:1-

Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

That’s a command of God, not a lie of Satan.
**I mean, who would be childish enough to behave like that, huh, Bugs?

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