Monday, June 22, 2009

Albert Mohler on Expository Preaching-Part 3

Recently, the Southern Seminary Magazine published an article by Dr. Mohler on expository preaching. I was greating encouraged and have decided to share it with my readers. Below is the third and final part of the article.

Expository preaching must be at the center of Christian worship

It is worth noting again: Worship properly directed to the honor and glory of God will find its center in the reading and preaching of the Word of God. Expository preaching cannot be assigned a supporting role in the act of worship. It must be central. In the course of the Reformation, Martin Luther’s driving purpose was to restore preaching to its proper place in worship. Referring to the incident between Mary and Martha in Luke 10, Luther reminded his congregation and students that Jesus Christ declared that “only one thing is necessary” – the preaching of the Word (Luke 10:42 NASB). Luther realized that the most important reform needed was to reestablish the reading and preaching of the Word as the central act of Christian worship.

That same reformation is needed in American evangelicalism today. Expository preaching must once again be central to the life of the church and central to Christian worship. In the end, the church will not be judged by its Lord for the quality of its music but for the faithfulness of its preaching. The preacher will be judged for his preaching and the congregation will be judged for its hearing – and for the preaching it has demanded.

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