Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Shack isn't that bad.

I mean, dude did win several NBA titles and over the course of his career developed into one of the great centers of all time. I guess I was wrong about all that heresy stuff.


Dr. Paul W. Foltz said...

I love your humor.
Dr. Paul W. Foltz

Joe Blackmon said...


I wish I could say that I came up with the picture. Thanks for the visit and the comment.

Anonymous said...

Very funny!

Joe Blackmon said...

Thanks, Stan.

Pastor Bobby T said...

Hardy - Har - Har. Funny 4-sure. Creative, perhaps. Sacreligious - some might say so... but not me. This seems to be dead on.

I did read the book (The Shack) so that I could carry on an intelligent conversation with those who might ask me about it in the church I pastor. People who comment or rail against a book they never read (or at least reviewed) drives be bonkers. With this book, you must take it for what it is -- a novel about "God." It is not intended to be the 5th Gospel or a commentary on Systematic Theology. Give it a break... many have been touched by it.

But, just like the late "Late Great Planet Earth," the "Left Behind" series, etc.

HOWEVER -- the problem is when people start saying, "The BIBLE says," when in reality it's just a quote from one of those books... and NOT the Bible!

I dread the day when people start saying, "The Bible says that Jesus can be seen as a person in a cabin in the woods who speaks to you like a person in the room would..." Trust me friends, that day is coming if not already here! LOL

Have a Blessed day.

Joe Blackmon said...

Bobby T.

I'll take your suggestion to "give it a break" under advisement. :-)

Thanks for the visit.