Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Broadway Baptist No Longer SBC

There have been times I have thought about leaving the SBC. For instance, when I found out Lifeway was going to sell The Shack I considered leaving. However, I have stayed because I believe overall the convention does the right thing when it comes time to do the right thing. Case in point--today the convention voted almost unanimously to disfellowship Broadway Baptist Church for its approval of the homosexual lifestyle.

I am so proud to be a Southern Baptist. Particularly today after this vote.


St.Lee said...

Now if Broadway would only remove "Baptist" from their name. I even have a suggestion. They could call it "Broadway that Leadeth to Destruction Church"

Joe Blackmon said...


That is too funny!!

Anonymous said...


There's an old joke you may not have heard: "all Baptist pastors have had gay sex; because sooner or later, every preacher gets screwed by the deacons."

Get a life, Joe. Broadway Baptist Church is a great church. It is a gentle place, where people can ask questions without being thrown out the door. It is a spiritual hospital where members can recover from bad families and bad churches. It is obviously full of people who would be unwelcome and unwanted at your church.

Ichabod and Lo-Ammi

Joe Blackmon said...


Proverbs 26:4


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of a more secular proverb:

"you can dish it out but you can't take it"

It's a corollary of Mat. 7:2


Joe Blackmon said...


John 10:23-24


Oh, why don't you, just for the fun of it, rent a backbone so that you might can pretend that you're man enough to leave your name.

Gene S said...


I will gladly leave my name because you know me well from many discussions on the Burleson blog and Baptists Today!

What you are applauding is the "New Catholicism" of the SBC, and that's not good.

From the beginning Baptists were mostly anything Catholics were not--particularly when it comes to church hierarchy!

Never before the last 20 years has the SBC / State Convention / Local Association exercised control over a local congregation as long as they were willing to participate in Cooperative Program giving.

The only exception to this was with the Norris Controversy when he and his church became so continually obnoxious and would not change, they finally invited them to leave!

Were it that era, you, your church, and your kind would have been invited to join them.

Why don't you just start something new. A good name would the "OBC"---"Obnoxious Baptist Convention."

I encourage you to think about it and deal with more important things than homosexuality!

I once had a Senior Minister who decried the corruption of homosexuals as we strolled through the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco with his family and mine.

Guess what---he turned out to be a flaming homosexual who died of AIDS a few years ago!!! Sometimes when one yells too loud constantly on a simgle subject, it is to cover the corruption of his own soul.

Joe Blackmon said...


You're an idiot. By the way, that is not a personal observation but a PROFESSIONAL opinion.

If you're okay having a church in the SBC that has openly unrepentant homosexuals as members and will not seek to enact church disciple as Paul and Jesus both called for, that's your problem.

Further, since reading isn't your strong suit, maybe you can do arithmatic and compute exactly what percentage of my alomst 400 posts have been about homosexuality.

Thanks again for proving that the Conservative Resurrgence was needed, that it was a good thing, and that it didn't go NEARLY far enough.