Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Conversation With A Gay Apologist Part III

Below is a comment that was left on my blog in response to a post about the perversion of homosexuality. The commenter’s statements will be in italics while my reply will be in regular typeface. I will post the entire comment over the course of several days. We Christians have a rational, objective basis for our faith. We have truth revealed in the word of God.
Just a quick note, this comment was left in response to other comments on a post from a few days ago. You can read that post here.

The answer is that this text was written for another people in another time, and is not applicable for us today. (If it was, we'd be following all those crazy codes about lobster and linen-cotton.)

You are partially right and partially wrong. The New Testament makes pretty plain what still applies and what doesn’t. Acts 10:9-16, for instance, lets us know that the dietary laws no longer apply. Romans 1 lets us know while the Old Testament laws against sexual perversions such as homosexuality do not apply those acts are still considered perverse.

Instead, this text was written largely by men with a tribal/ethnocentric mentality

Even a lot of liberal Christian scholars would laugh at this statement. I mean, if you would have cats from Duke or Wake Forest telling you “That is just silly” you know you’ve got problems. Even some of those folks acknowledge that Moses was the author of the books of the law. Come on, stay with me here.

who were obsessed with A) keeping their lineage going and B) preserving the purity of Hebrew bloodlines. For those people, then, any sex act that did not lead to procreation, or that mixed up the bloodlines, was forbidden. Hence the bans on m*******tion, homosexuality, and mixing the races. Today, you do not find "Christians" freaking out about m*******tion and race-mixing quite so much.

So the Hebrews were the only people in the land of Canaan who were interested in keeping their lineage going and keeping their bloodlines pure? That doesn’t make sense for them to be the only ones who had those goals. The fact is that one reason God gave those laws because the people in the land of Canaan were doing just those sorts of things in their religious festivals. God wanted to keep the Hebrew people separated from these pagans so they could demonstrate His glory and bring forth the Messiah-Jesus Christ. That is why He prohibited the Hebrew people to intermarry. As far as a ban on m*******tion I’m afraid that isn’t in the law of Moses and is off topic. We’ll leave that for another time.

What's more, these tribal elders *encouraged* sex acts that are taboo in modern America, but which DID facilitate greater procreation and a robust bloodline -- specifically plural marriage, and the practice of men immediately marrying their brothers' widows. Today, you don't find "Christians" promoting this behavior so much.

Nowhere in the Old Testament is having more than one wife encouraged. Not once. Ever. As far as a Levirate marriage, that was not primarily about procreation but rather it had to do with keeping a man’s property in the family.

I will post the last portion of this comment and my reply later this week.


Tricia said...

I have read, and reread some comments on your blog and another blog. I have to confess and admit I have been convicted by God's grace and His Word. I have been wrong to hold such bitterness and animosity toward people. God loves people. God despises all sin.
Frankly, apart from God's grace in my life, where would I be? Worse than any of the worst offenders, I am sure. God help me see people as I would have been without Him, lost and undone.

Joe Blackmon said...

I totally agreee. I've said that God's wrath is revealed against all sin and that any sin is bad enough to earn a person eternal condemnation. That's why grace is so amazing.