Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Personal Prayer Request

As you may have noticed if you follow this blog, I’m a little behind what I usually try to post for the week. I haven’t done any work, as of Thursday, in Matthew or II Peter. Something came up and I’ve been a little involved in some personal health concerns. Allow me to give a brief background as to the situation.

I was born with cataracts. I had them removed when I was 18 months old so I’ve worn glasses since I was 2 years old. I had another surgery to clear up some scar tissue from the cataract surgery when I was in 2nd grade (Side note-I was told by someone, not a medical professional, that the surgery in 2nd grade was my fault because I sat too close to the TV. I believed this until I was 28 years old. True story). Everything went along pretty well until I was 28 years old. I had just been called as the pastor at Matthew’s Memorial Baptist Church when I noticed something was kinda strange in my vision. I had a floater that looked like a string and world move in any direction I looked but stayed in my field of vision. I went along for a week or so thinking “Hmm, this is weird. Should I name it?” I finally went to an eye doctor who shall remain nameless (**cough** Hudson Hay**cough**). This anonymous doctor didn’t see a problem but sent me to a retinal specialist. That specialist didn’t see a problem so I went on about my business and tried to ignore Stringy (that’s the name I gave my floater). A few days later, I felt a pain in my left eye (where I was having the problems) and I started to see a constant rain of black spots. I went back to the doctor and he said there was nothing wrong. I asked him to refer me to the specialist again since he didn’t seem like he gave a rip if there was a problem. I can remember him being on the phone telling that doctor’s office that I wanted “an iron clad guarantee” that nothing was wrong. I went back to that specialists’ office and they found the problem—my retina had detached. I was in surgery the next day by which time my eye had bled on the inside so much that all I could see was pink. I was laid up for 6 weeks looking at the floor so the eye could heal. I don’t really remember much about those 6 weeks. When I finally got back to work I found that I had lost practically all the peripheral vision in that eye in addition to only being able to see about 20/800 out of it. That means I could see at 20 yards what a normal person could see 800 yards away. I’m talking I couldn’t see the big “E” on the eye chart. They would ask “How many fingers am I holding up?” and I would respond “You’re holding up fingers?” My depth perception was permanently shot to heck. I thought about just having a metal plate screwed over that eye to make me look real mean.

Fast forward to this past Monday night--about 7 pm I start to see little flashes in the corners of my right (only good) eye. I also have a circular floater that is now permanently in my field of vision (haven’t named him yet). Now, this freaked me out. You see, if I lost as much vision in my right eye as I have in my left, I’m done in my line of work. One of the things an auditor has to be able to do is see. The auditee is not going to provide copies of financial documents or corroborating documentation in braile. I am not going to lie, I was scared to death. Does this mean I’m going to have to go on disability? I don’t have enough sick leave to take 6 weeks off. I would love to say I had the faith to just trust in the Lord but I hate to lie. I was worried. I called the ophthalmologist and he said “Come in first thing”.

I’m not going to “front”, I was anxious. Once I got in the exam room, I cried. After the nurse left, I cried some more and prayed. I told God that I knew whatever happened was for His glory and I would trust Him to make me strong enough to deal with it. The doctor examined me and found nothing which was somewhat of a relief. However, with only one good and a history of bad luck with my vision, he sent me to a retinal specialist. This guy was on the ball. He looked and also found nothing but offered to use lasers to basically weld the retina on so that it wouldn’t tear or detach. Preventative therapy is what I took it to be. He did that Tuesday morning. Didn’t really hurt at all. Now this morning, it hurt—it hurt bad. I’m popping ibuprofen about every 3 or 4 hours. He also wants to see me about once a week for a month or so to make sure this sucker doesn’t tear. Very cautious—I can dig that.

So, that’s what’s been up with me. Bear with me and I’ll get back to work for next week. Above all, please pray for me and for my eyes, err I mean eye.

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