Monday, April 6, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Call Satan as Your Next Pastor

One of my favorite bloggers in the SBC is Bart Barber. His most recent post was, to me, quite encouraging. Take a look at his "Top Ten Reasons to Call Satan as Your Next Pastor". While obviously not directed at any one person, there are probably situations you or I could think of where this proverbial shoe would likely fit.

From the book of James we learn that Satan believes in the same monotheistic Creator God that we do.

From his encounter with Eve in the garden we learn that Satan does not practice an overbearing, hyper-authoritative leadership style, but is delighted simply to put options before people and let them make choices.

Satan has a profound influence upon this culture, and has demonstrated a giftedness for relating to this generation.

Satan has had astounding ecstatic experiences, having even been caught up to heaven to interact with God, as we learn in the book of Job.

It is likely that Satan has a correct understanding as to what the gospel is.

Even if Satan is not perfectly obedient at all points, it could be healthy for our churches to be engaged in dialogue with him. We need to hear what he has to say. If our faith is strong, what are we afraid of? It will be healthy for us to overcome our intolerance and have our prejudices challenged.

Satan has been marginalized and demeaned by the powers-that-be in the Southern Baptist Convention for decades. The present conservatives preach against him and defy him. The liberals in power before them were no better, questioning his existence. It is high time for somebody to give him a break.

Satan is recognized not only by Christians, but by Jews and Muslims as well, and this common ground (as well as his extensive experience around the world in other cultures) makes it likely that he could teach us many things about good cross-cultural evangelism.

Satan is no legalist.

Satan has an impressive résumé of past work in Southern Baptist churches and denominational institutions.

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