Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vermont Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

The elected officials in Vermont voted to override the Governor's veto on legislation that legalized same sex marriage (for the full, sad, disgusting, stomach turning story read here). This, folks, is not the end of the matter either. As Denny Burk notes on his blog:

It’s also important to note this. Not only are we seeing marriage redefined, but we are also witnessing the emergence of a new protected class in our country—one that is based upon sexual preference. In other words, just as discrimination based on race, class, and gender is prohibited in law, so now discrimination based on sexual preference is increasingly being prohibited in law. This is a radical change not least because the new protected status cannot logically be limited to homosexually oriented persons. There are a wide variety of sexual preferences in our culture (polygamy, pederasty, polyamory, etc.). The arguments that are being used now in the same-sex “marriage” debate will be applied to these other kinds sexual preferences as well. Make no mistake. The polygamists will be next in line for recognition.

This is sad but not unexpected. The fact is that the Bible tells us there will be a falling away by some who profess faith in Jesus Christ. Too many “christians” have decided that standing up for biblical truth is just too hard and they are weary of the fight. I suspect, however, their willilngness to compromise on the clear teaching of scripture has more to do with their lack of true convictions than anything else.
“…Even so, come Lord Jesus…”


Andrew said...

Stomach-turning? Thanks, that's such a nice, Christlike thing for you to say about others' primary love relationships. So good to see Jesus reflected in your attitude.

Joe Blackmon said...

You're welcome. Have a nice day.

Joe Blackmon said...


You want to argue with me, go for it, buddy. That's jake with me. But you will adress your snarky, ignorant comments to ME and you WILL leave anyone else out of it.